World Bank to launch 3rd Zimbabwe Economic Update report

THE World Bank (WB) would tomorrow conduct a virtual launch of the 3rd Zimbabwe Economic Update (ZEU) report, which will outline strategies to overcoming economic challenges and evaluate the social and economic impacts of natural disasters including the Covid-19 pandemic.

High-level experts have been lined up for the crucial discussion on policies to mitigate the impacts of the pandemic and support for economic recovery.

Among the key speakers would be WB country director, Mukami Kariuki, economists, Mr Marko Kwaramba, Ms Stella Ilieva among others. These would be joined by diverse participants through the digital platforms.

“The 3rd ZEU provides the World Bank assessment of economic and poverty impacts of the ongoing economic and social challenges, which have been fueled by exogenous and domestic shocks, including the Covid-19 pandemic,” said WB Zimbabwe office in a pre-event brief.

“The report discusses options for mitigating the negative impacts of shocks, limiting a further deterioration in public service delivery, and paving the way for economic recovery.”