We Want The Whole World To Invest In Zimbabwe, Not Just China: Mangudya

RBZ Governor John Mangudya

Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe (RBZ) governor John Mangudya has said that Zimbabwe is looking at the whole global economy, particularly Western countries to Invest in Zimbabwe.

Mangudya emphasized that Zimbabwe was not concentrating on China only.

Speaking on Bloomberg Television, when asked to name the countries Zimbabwe expected to get the most inbound investment from, Mangudya replied with,

We expect the whole global economy to invest…Not only China. Yes, China has been involved in a number of projects that are there, we are also talking about Western countries, UK, Germany, France, they have a number of companies there. We know about the Totals of this world.

Speaking on repatriation of funds by foreign affairs, Mangudya said

Right now you all know that Zimbabwe is going through foreign currency shortages… and therefore if we open up the economy we are saying that we need more comers coming into this country.

And others will come in and others were going out and therefore that’s why we are saying that Zimbabwe is open for business. The economy is open, so at the end of the day.. companies can take money outs.

Source: Pindula