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Mthuli Ncube Urges Diaspora Investment at London Conference

Mthuli Ncube Urges Diaspora Investment at London Conference
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LONDON, UK — Addressing the Zimbabwe Investment and Capital Markets Conference, Finance and Investment Promotion Minister Mthuli Ncube made a compelling case for Zimbabweans in the UK to consider investing back home, citing favorable macroeconomic conditions and the nation’s ambitious development goals.

Minister Ncube underscored the historical ties between Zimbabwe and its diaspora, highlighting the immense potential that Zimbabweans abroad hold in contributing to the nation’s growth. He emphasized the government’s commitment to achieving upper middle-income status by 2030, a goal that requires robust private sector-led growth.

Ncube outlined the importance of a stable macroeconomic environment and strong infrastructure in facilitating private sector growth.

“We are creating a conducive environment for businesses to thrive,” he stated, pointing to recent economic reforms and investments in infrastructure that have bolstered confidence in Zimbabwe’s economic landscape.

A significant portion of Ncube’s address was dedicated to the impact of the US easing certain sanctions. He noted that businesses are now more confident in engaging with Zimbabwe without fear of repercussions tied to Executive Orders.

“This is a positive step forward,” Ncube remarked, although he acknowledged that challenges remain due to ongoing sanctions under the Global Magnitsky Act and ZIDERA, which continue to affect international financial engagements.

Despite these hurdles, Minister Ncube was optimistic about Zimbabwe’s investment opportunities. He encouraged potential investors to explore sectors such as agriculture and mining, where the government is focusing on economic diversification, job creation, and empowerment. Ncube highlighted ongoing policy reviews aimed at making these sectors more attractive and sustainable for investors.

In his appeal to the diaspora, Ncube stressed the critical role that Zimbabweans abroad can play in national development.

“Your investments can drive significant change and support our journey towards sustainable economic growth,” he said, urging them to take advantage of the favorable conditions and government incentives designed to facilitate investment.

The overarching goal of Ncube’s address was to build confidence in Zimbabwe’s investment climate. He aimed to assure both diaspora and international investors that Zimbabwe is on a path to stability and growth, backed by a government committed to creating an enabling environment for business.

Looking ahead, Minister Ncube reiterated the government’s vision for Zimbabwe to achieve upper middle-income status by 2030. He called on investors to join in this transformative journey, contributing to the nation’s economic goals and helping to build a prosperous future for all Zimbabweans.

Minister Mthuli Ncube’s address at the Zimbabwe Investment and Capital Markets Conference in London served as a rallying call for the diaspora and international investors. By highlighting the nation’s economic reforms, easing of sanctions, and investment opportunities, Ncube sought to foster a renewed sense of confidence and engagement, crucial for driving Zimbabwe’s ambitious development agenda towards 2030.