Kasukuwere pledges economic revolution for the young

Zimbabwe’s political landscape saw a new entry in the form of the #TysonWabantu movement and Saviour Kasukuwere announced that he is considering a run at the 2023 polls.

Saviour Kasukuwere a former intelligence operative and Mugabe’s last Commissar has ignited fear, jealousy and excitement at one go.


ZANU PF is afraid of Saviour Kasukuwere. The party hit the panic button and the Politburo sat down and discussed Saviour Kasukuwere to a point of declaring him a threat to national security. Soon after the Politburo meeting the party’s Commissar Victor Matemadanda went on a rampage and tongue lashing Saviour Kasukuwere and the Tyson Wabantu movement. Victor Matemadanda as a commissar has failed to live up to the standards that were set by Saviour Kasukuwere as a firebrand and vibrant commissar. Kasukuwere as commissar mobilised huge crowds for the party and under Matemadanda the few events have been a flop at best.

ZANU PF structures have also been calling for an appeals committee at conference to re-look the decision made by the party to expel Saviour Kasukuwere. No one stood with Matemadanda when he was fired from ZANU PF.

The military command element seems to be entertaining the idea of a Kasukuwere presidency, while Matemadanda largely remains unpopular in the Ministry of defence.

Victor Matemadanda as an MP of Gokwe has taken his fear of Kasukuwere to the Zimbabwe Anti Corruption Commission where they have raised flimsy allegations over the appointment of a rural district council official.

It is absurd to assume that the minister of local government micro manages the appointment of rural district Council officials.

Raising these minor issues against Kasukuwere is a method of fighting him and weighing him down with legal battles as a distraction from the political battle that has to be fought.


Saviour Kasukuwere is known as a key component of the G40 faction. Last week “bhuru remumusha” THEMBA MLISWA revealed that he was the founder of G40 and it was hijacked by Jonathan Moyo, who corrupted the generational renewal project. Prof Jonathan Moyo has fired a few pot shots at the Tyson Wabantu movement. The anti Tyson Wabantu stance by Jonathan Moyo has shocked analysts and bystanders who have viewed Kasukuwere and Jonathan Moyo as being ride or die allies and comrades. Questions have been raised as to whether or not Jonathan Moyo could be jealous of Kasukuwere who has been invited to lead the people from different qoutas. Maybe Jonathan Moyo wants the attention and maybe he coveted the post of Zim 1 from childhood. It is unclear as to the motivation or qualms that Prof Moyo might have against Tyson Wabantu.

Meanwhile some comrades such as Walter Mzembi and others are said to be jostling for inclusion and positions in the envisaged political formation. This leaves Jonathan Moyo isolated, and without backing or comrades to stand with him should he decide to make a political come back.

Saviour Kasukuwere the individual

Saviour Kasukuwere is known as the bulldozer or Tyson because he stands headstrong for what he believes in and has an unrelenting fighting spirit.

It is natural that some would become jealous of Kasukuwere while others fear him. Kasukuwere has ignited excitement and hope amongst the young people whom he connected with and worked well while he was Minister of Youth.

Saviour Kasukuwere has not formally accepted the request by the TysonWabantu movement, however he is expected to formally lead a political formation that will be run by the #TysonWabantu movement.

Zimbabwe is going through a transition and generational renewal is the driving factor.

Way forward

Prophets and analysts are all agreeing that the winds of change are blowing. MDC has been discredited by its lack of leadership. MDC has failed to provide leadership and has watched as the Zimbabwe Situation deteriorates further. MDC has failed to provide solutions or action to improve Zimbabwe. Nelson Chamisa has lost relevance and it is now upto Saviour Kasukuwere to fill the vacuum or sink into oblivion.

The way forward seems to be anti ED protests. Chamisa and the MDC seem to agree that there is need for protests, however who will lead the protests and will the protests yield desired results?

The way forward is for young people to stand up and lead the economic revolution. Zimbabwe was liberated by young people as such the economic revolution must be led by young people.

Source – Ntokozo Msipha