“Initially I Thought Mine Was A Finance Job, It’s Finance-Political,” Finance Minister

Finance Minister, Professor Mthuli Ncube, has said that when he got appointed as the Minister of Finance, he thought his job was purely financial and detached from politics. He said that it has however since dawned to him that he had to balance between politics and finance.

Speaking during an interview with the chairman of Alpha Media Holdings, Trevor Ncube, the minister said:

Initially, I thought it’s a finance job. Very quickly, it became a finance-political job and most of the times it’s a political job.

He also said that it was imperative to recognise that finance in government follow politics and certain devices are political.

The Minister added that the manifesto of the party in power has to be in sync with the policies of the finance ministry or vice versa.

He added that sometimes he would implement some projects which sound very political in nature. For him, what matters is that the development initiatives in question address the issues affecting the people.

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