Chiwenga calls on Central Bank to make sure Zim dollar succeeds

Vice President General (Retd) Dr Constantino Chiwenga

MARONDERA – Vice President General (Retd) Dr Constantino Chiwenga says Zimbabweans must unite and work for the development of their country, to create better livelihoods for the present and future generations.

In his address to the residents of Marondera on behalf of ZANU PF First Secretary and President, Comrade Emmerson Mnangagwa, Vice President Chiwenga said the government is fixing the economy which was destroyed by sanctions invited by the opposition.

“In developing our country, we shall leave no one behind. We shall build brick upon brick, stone upon stone. The Transitional Stabilisation Programme gave us the opportunity to create a strong foundation for our National Development Strategy One, which we rolled out in 2021 and will run until 2025,” he said.

He added: “As ZANU PF, we worked hard to bring development and give back status to our people by building dams, airports, bridges, schools and hospitals, as well as transform the mining and agricultural sectors.

“Today, our cities and towns have been run down beyond comprehension. What kind of leadership delights in the suffering of the people so that they rise against their government? this shows those who want their people to suffer are themselves slaves of other people who are being sent to destroy their own country.”

Vice President Chiwenga reiterated calls for the country to use its own currency for economic development, saying adopting other nations’ currencies only brings poverty.

“Nothing brings poverty like a nation using other countries’ currency. We want to use our Zimbabwe dollar. Forward with the Zimbabwe dollar:”

He said the ZANU PF-led government is correcting the rot in the mining sector so that the country’s minerals benefit the people and posterity.

He added: “Our President has just returned from Brussels. His main goal was to secure investments, support and partnerships between Zimbabwe and other countries, which help us to strengthen our economy through trade.”

The Vice president also castigated local councils led by the opposition for failing to deliver basic services such as waste removal and provision of running water.

“Waste is no longer being collected. There is no running water and sewer is not being disposed of properly. What does that benefit the nation? Zimbabwe shall be built by Zimbabweans. This is why we have the Second Republic under President Mnangagwa, with a clear Vision 2030 of an middle-income society.”

He attributed the peace and tranquillity prevailing in the country to the efforts of the President, Mnangagwa and the Second Republic, saying the country should now focus on executing the programmes under Devolution because the environment is conducive.

The rally was ZANU PF’s second star event, after the launch of the campaign trail last week by President Mnangagwa in Epworth, Harare.

The party is drumming up support ahead of the March 26 by-elections to elect councillors and Members of Parliament.

Source: ZBC

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