As expected, Biti sees Zimbabwe doom in 2021

Former Finance Minister Tendai Biti

A BLEAK 2021 awaits Zimbabweans, a year which will be characterised by price increases in bread, fuel, electricity, and other basic commodities, creating inflationary pressures in the country, former finance minister, Tendai Biti predicted Thursday.

“The price of bread, fuel, electricity and tollgate fees have gone up in recent weeks generating more inflation pressures,” the top politician, who is now MDC Alliance co-vice president, said.

“However, it is the over-taxation of workers particularly the irrational presumptive taxes that will create chaos and Armageddon in 2021. A tough year awaits Zimbabwe.

“As 2020 winds down, no amount of side shows, spin or propaganda will detract from the fact that Zimbabwe is in a mess. Run by an illegitimate predatory kakistocracy that has redefined failure and incompetence. We restate once more; you can rig an election but you can’t rig the economy.”

Biti said as he had predicted before, the parallel market for the Zimbabwe dollar against the US currency had ended in 2020 at US$1: $130.

“As we predicted the parallel market rate ends the year firmly fixed at US$1:130 thus spiking inflation which is running amok. For many, the family season has been bleak with goods out of range and families haunted by January school fees and uniforms. This has been a terrible year.”

However, Biti’s assertions are contrary to President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s, who Wednesday was upbeat as he praised Zimbabweans for their resilience in defending the country’s sovereignty during what he said was a difficult yet productive year in which successes were registered across all sectors.

“Indisputable success continues to be scored in all sectors of our economy such as agriculture, mining and tourism, manufacturing, infrastructure development, education, health and cultural heritage,” he said.

Mnangagwa was addressing Zanu-PF Central Committee members at the party’s headquarters in Harare.

“We are a party that gives credence to hard work, a party of action and results. We are delivering on the promises we made to our people and ensuring equal development which leaves no one behind.

“Under Zanu-PF, those with talent are realising their full potential, while communities are deciding their destiny. Every party of our country will prosper leveraging on the various unique resource endowments.

Source – newzimbabwe

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