Zimbabweans petition UK over sanctions

The Zimbabwean community in the United Kingdom yesterday joined the country and SADC in calling for the unconditional removal of sanctions by delivering an anti-sanctions petition on Prime Minister Boris Johnson at number 10 Downing Street.

The petition, presented by Zimbabweans led by Zanu-PF UK branch, implored Mr Johnson to use his influence to persuade the European Union and the Unites States to lift their embargoes on Zimbabwe which have caused untold suffering on ordinary Zimbabweans.

“The economic sanctions on Zimbabwe have been in place for nearly two decades and have only achieved tragic suffering and deaths of ordinary citizens in this small Southern Africa state of about 14 million people.

“Ordinary Zimbabweans, particularly children, women and the elderly are profoundly vulnerable and suffering immensely as a result of these unfair, illegal punitive economic sanctions and restrictions on key sectors such as health provision, food manufacturing, agriculture produce to name but just a few,” read the petition.

The community said that the British-led sanctions were not targeted at certain individuals as implied but on the country since they have made it poorer.

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