Govt in bid to lure diaspora investment

Prisca Mupfumira

The government has launched a drive to lure Zimbabweans in the diaspora to engage in the economic development of the country, especially in the tourism sector.

The Minister of Tourism and Hospitality, Priscah Mupfumira is in the United Kingdom for Zimbabwe’s roadshow whose aim is to engage diasporans. She said:

The main theme is to reach out to Zimbabweans and diasporas of all backgrounds, religious communities, academic, media, tourism trade, tourism organisations, tourism associations, airlines, tourist boards, embassies, conservation organisations, youths, United Kingdom government and others engaged in economic development.

The diasporas, together with the wider stakeholders, have a huge role to play in releasing the huge potential of the tourism sector for socio-economic

The roadshow kicked off on Tuesday and ends on July 19. It will travel from London to Glasglow, Liverpool, Huntingdon, Manchester and Birmingham.

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