Open letter to Jonathan Moyo

Professor Jonathan Moyo, centre, flanked by Dr Ibbo Mandaza, right, and Professor Heneri Dzinotyiweyi answer questions during a debate in Johannesburg. File picture: Bonile Bam

I am in no position to call you my learned colleague because l suppose you are more learned than l. It can only amuse me that the level of education ascribed to you should drive your arguments but this has been lacking, proving true the adage “education does not equal to intelligence” hence laying you bare to be a mere bitter, angry and clueless man out to exact revenge on imagined enemies.
by Trevor Namenda

Following the thread you posted on Twitter does it really mean Mnangagwa has totally failed or he inherited the system that you were part of? Were you not the chief strategist in the same system that ruled for almost 38 years and took Zimbabwe to this abyss? One then would ask, does it mean you were behind this total failure. Did all your strategies manage to turn around the fortunes of this country?

In you thread, at number 16/24, you mentioned that the army has lost confidence in the government. Was the same army having confidence in the system that you were part of. If yes why did things turn out to be what they became?

There is a wider gap between a fact and a media agenda. I am sure you are also a media expert among your many hats, this should be simple for you to understand.

It is so unfortunate that emotions are ruling your mental state of reasoning such that you cannot clearly decipher that someone is trying hard to clean the mess you created.

Demonstration of knowledge, that you truly know the operations of the secret service, the army, the police and other security services cannot lure the general populace to try and understand that you truly know the alleged dirty work behind ZANU PF.  No! Professor. This is instead exposing you as a failure because you were part of the system too.

In the same thread l got to read that you were alleging to the fact that Mnangagwa will not fix the economy of Zimbabwe. My question is who then will fix it? You further pushed the narrative that he is an illegitimate leader. Really professor, are you being driven by perilous emotions of your dead political ambitions.  You should be applauding the Second Republic for battling to clean up your mess, not belittling it.

Paragraph 17/24 further highlighted that, “As the post 2017 coup dispensation is crumbling under the weight of its triple crisis, it is sad that people are speaking in tongues, acting at cross roads……..when they should be bridging them”

Really Professor you have become enmeshed in opposition politics to the exclusion of all intelligible sense that you used to have. Lest also you need to be reminded that hurt speech was the order of the day to which you were directly part of. Why then were you not bridging the gaps which you are talking about today?

We literally benefited nothing from this G40 narrative except to watch you on a rampant savage of your political opponents, which today you point as failure as if you took the nation to Canaan.

In Shona they say, “game yachinja shiri yabata rekeni”. Don’t feel intimidated because you were once an intimidator. No, in as much as you are justified to be emotional in your self-imposed exile, don’t take us for a ride because you made others economic refugees in your day.

Let me take you back again, probably to solve this emotional instability in you. Were you not an education Minister at the same time Zandile your beloved daughter (MHDSRIP) was learning in South Africa. Professor were you not trusting our education sector which you were presiding over? It amazes me to see that you have become much of the system’s rabid opponent, when a short while ago you were one of its ardent cheerleaders. You are a fickle political turncoat this country has ever seen, and I believe you can yet surprise us. Professor, l rest my case.

Source – Trevor Namenda