Mnangagwa’s regime must stop arbitrary arrests of opposition youth leaders!

Zimbabwe police beat up protesting MDC supporters in Harare CREDIT: AARON UFUMELI/EPA-EFE/REX

The MDC Alliance Youth Assembly spokesperson Stephen Sarkozy Chuma has noted with great concern an ongoing blitzkrieg by some notorious  law enforcement agents as a veneer to cover up for their grossly and dastardly nocturnal acts of abduction and torture that has so far been abundantly condemned by all sections of society.

by Stephen Jakes

He said the failed Emmerson Mnangagwa’s rogue regime must not atone for their embarrassment caused by failure to account for the abduction and torture of our 3 female youth leaders by making further indiscriminate illegal arrests of activists and youth leaders.

“Since the exposure of the regime’s lies over abduction of Joana Mamombe, Cecilia Chimbiri and Netsai Marova, the state security agents for the past week has been harassing activists and besieging our homes heavily armed in an operation to indiscriminately arrest every known MDC Alliance Youth leaders and activists,” he said.

“The paranoid regime besieged Harare Youth Chairman, Stanley Manyenga’s residence, arrested him and charged him with trumped up charges for participating in a demonstration in Warren Park. Again the panic stricken regime besieged female activist, Taurai Nyamanhindi’s Zengeza residence heavily armed with AK 47s on a mission yet to be established. Luckily, Nyamanhindi was not at her home.”

He said by its very own admission, ZRP issued a ‘wanted dead or alive’ tag on MDC Alliance Youth Assembly National Chairman, Obey Luther Sithole, SG Gift Siziba and several National Executive youth leaders.

“As if the abduction and torture was not horrendous enough, the regime again intends to re-arrest Chimbiri, Mamombe and Marova on trumped up charges. The heavy presence of both uniformed and plain clothed state security details at the trio’s hospital bedside is a sure confirmation of patients under arrest,” he said.

“Clearly Emmerson Mnangagwa’s military dictatorship is already undertaking a fresh Night of Long Knives operation on activists and youth leaders as a way of thwarting looming danger to Mnangagwa’s presidency. Mnangagwa knows the people are hungry and angry hence a hatched up plan to indiscriminately arrest all known activists and youth leaders.”

He said whilst we are raising alarm on our security situation, certainly it must not be misconstrued to be a sign of fear but alertness.

“As MDC Alliance Youth Assembly, we will do whatever it takes to protect ourselves from a notorious, monstrous and bloody thirsty military regime of Emmerson Mnangagwa,” he said.