Gweru Dulys offers Ford Ranger Raptor

GWERU – Dulys Motors with its goal of providing best quality and latest car brands at a zero mileage is offering a new Ford Ranger Raptor.

Ranger Raptor is designed and engineered to deliver an adrenaline pumping experience; it sports a head-turning exterior look that exudes toughness as well as a level of capability and off road performance never seen in the mid-size truck segment.

Sharing the same nomenclature as the F-150 Raptor, the world’s most extreme production truck, Ranger Raptor is in a class of its own among mid-size off-road performance vehicles.

Ranger Raptor brings the thrilling off-road performance capabilities of the Raptor to the Ranger for the first time ever.

With its bold appearance and extreme, off-road performance features, Ranger Raptor represents a new and distinctive breed of truck found at Dulys Motors Garage.

Ford Ranger Raptor comes with exclusive features to deliver the ultimate performance experience for off-road users. Ranger Raptor is the ultimate expression of Ford Ranger.

Ranger Raptor was introduced after seeing that customers were using their vehicles for both work and recreational purposes, including off-road drives.

With Ford’s engineering experience in building tough trucks as well as our global engineering expertise in performing vehicles, we see an opportunity to offer an extremely capable truck that enhances the off-road experience and Ranger Raptor is the result.

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