Fuel shortages: Chasi urges adoption of electric cars

An electric car charging station is seen at Chinese automaker Geely's booth at the IEEV New Energy Vehicles Exhibition in October 2018.Photo by Thomas Peter

ENERGY Minister Fortune Chasi says the country should consider the introduction of electric vehicles on its roads to by-pass recurrent fuel shortages that continue to pose dire effects on the national economy.

The newly appointed minister was addressing players in the fuel and energy sector at a Zimbabwe Energy Regulatory Authority (ZERA) ISO Certification event in Harare Friday.

“May I challenge all present to seriously consider electric vehicles. I am happy ZERA has already made overtures in this regard,” he said.

“We also would expect the electrical vehicles to be charged from renewable sources i.e. Solar Parks, solar radiation is a free resource, you only pay for the extraction and usage costs.”

Chasi said the sourcing for energy in the country was not only government’s responsibility.

“I have seen some people dropping this task on my shoulders alone or on the shoulders of government alone,” said the Mazowe legislator.

“All of us here have a responsibility. Those that use fuel, those that import it, those of us who are in government, we all need to play a role in the coming up with a lasting solution to this problem so that we re-enact the dignity of our people who spend time in queues.

“We don’t believe that it’s solely an issue of foreign currency. We also want to look on the other side as to what can be done, issues of solar need to come into play.”

Chasi added, “Alternative transport in other countries highly developed, I have seen some people, bicycles are a key means of transportation.

“So we need to have a raft of measures that we discuss and agree as a country and if we do not agree and the sector is not amendable to self-regulation, we will of course do what is necessary; enact the necessary legal frameworks that will help us ensure that our mandate is protected.”

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