Zimbabwean govt delegation highlights opportunities for cooperation with Russia

PRETORIA, /TASS/. There are great opportunities for the implementation of joint projects involving Zimbabwe and Russia, members of a Zimbabwean government delegation led by Deputy Minister of Higher and Tertiary Education and Innovation, Science and Technology Development Raymore Machingura told TASS following a visit to Russia earlier in the month.

“The trip was an eye opener and also met our expectations in major technical areas,” the delegation members pointed out. “The possibilities and opportunities for establishing joint Russia-Zimbabwe projects are very high and real,” they added, mentioning areas such as chemical engineering, geology, agriculture, electronics, mathematics, space sciences, mining, language and cultural studies.

The delegation also highlighted the need to deepen ties between the two countries’ universities, adding that Zimbabwe was interested in joint activities in space, including remote Earth sensing. During the delegation’s visit to Moscow, Russia’s Roscosmos State Space Agency and the Zimbabwe National Geospatial and Space Agency (ZINGSA) singed a memorandum of understanding on space cooperation. The parties particularly discussed the joint training of personnel for the space industry.

“ZINGSA should immediately identify the three students who will take up the scholarships offered by Roscosmos,” the delegation members said.

The delegation also pointed out that the second Russia-Africa Summit set to be held in 2022 “is expected to tackle and add value in areas like mining, energy developments, agriculture, digitalization and energy, discussions on models for operationalization of the collaboration and Network agreements on key network projects including the roadmap for cooperation.”.

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