Zimbabwe and SA work on pension transferbility policy

Ngoni Masoka

HARARE– Zimbabwe is in talks with South Africa to put in place a framework which will allow its citizens working in the neighbouring country to repatriate their pensions upon their return home, an official has said.

It is estimated that at least a million Zimbabweans are living and working in South Africa.

Public service, labour and social welfare permanent secretary Ngoni Masoka told journalists on Wednesday that the plan was being structured under a bilateral Memorandum of Understanding on labour administration signed by the two countries in April.

“We are looking at issues like portability of social security.  When our people go to South Africa, they work there contributing to pensions so we would like to make sure that there is portability of their pensions when they come back home,” Masoka said.

“If they are any disputes we will also come in as governments to assist in dispute settlement.” – Source