The Zimbabwe Sugar Association (ZSA) has assured the public that there are adequate stocks of the commodity to meet their consumption needs.

The sentiments by the association come in the wake of panic buying of the commodity by consumers across the country.

ZSA chairman, Mr Muchadeyi Masunda who could not provide details about the current pricing modules of the commodity said in a statement on Friday (today), that there are enough stocks of the commodity.

Mr Masunda revealed that producers of sugar have enough stocks of the commodity in a development that guarantees stable supplies across the country.

The ZSA has also called on retailers and wholesalers to continue behaving responsibly in terms of ensuring availability of the product on the formal shelves.

Pricing distortions have seen sugar being sold beyond the reach of many consumers.

The past few weeks have seen an abnormal surge in demand for sugar throughout the country, resulting in artificial shortages due to speculative activities by crafty traders.