Zimbabwe govt pledges more price controls

Government says it will ensure that every Zimbabwean affords basic commodities such as mealie meal and cooking oil by offering subsidies to manufacturers.

Government will ring-fence the prices of basic commodities such as maize meal and cooking oil by offering subsidies to key producers to ensure food security in the country.

Speaking at an interface with the Zimbabwe Liberation War Collaborators Association in Harare this Saturday, President Emmerson Mnangagwa emphasised Government’s commitment to uphold every citizen’s right to basic goods and services.

“ As Government will we have not abandoned the subsidy programme but will work with our manufacturers so that they produce and sell basic commodities at lower prices. We even intend to extend the programme to other products which were not covered” said President Mnangagwa

However, there will be a slightly different approach in the current arrangement as the government has come up with measures to ensure the subsidies do not go to waste by targeting specific producers of these key products.

During a donation of maize meal by the Grain Millers Association of Zimbabwe (GMAZ) to the ruling Zanu PF party for the upcoming eighteenth conference, Secretary for Finance Comrade Patrick Chinamasa advised millers to cooperate with Government by ensuring that the programme benefits every Zimbabwean.