Zimbabwe explores Chinese chicken market for export

WINDHOEK,– Zimbabwean President Emmerson Mnangagwa on Monday said that he is hopeful about the opportunities that have been availed to his country singling out the Chinese chicken market as a prospective area for export.

He was speaking at a business forum meeting for Zimbabweans in Namibian capital Windhoek where he is on a one-day working visit.

Mnangagwa who came to power last November following military intervention said that the two countries were working towards brokering an agreement that would see small poultry producing businesses in Zimbabwe exporting their chicken to China.

He urged Zimbabweans living in Namibia to consider relocating back home to utilize these opportunities and help build the country that was once known as the bread basket of Africa.

“There has been goodwill from across the world, so many delegates coming to Zimbabwe with various proposals. Our people are ready to move and rebuild,” he said.

China was one of the first few countries that reached out to the president right after his inauguration to offer support.

Mnangagwa is expected to visit China in April this year to work out more areas of cooperation.

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