Zimbabwe cuts first-quarter nickel, chrome ore output

Zimbabwe’s nickel and chrome ore production during January-March fell from a year earlier following Covid-19-related output disruptions.

Output for both products fell following production cuts during renewed lockdowns from early January to mid-February, according to data from the country’s finance and economic development ministry. Neighbouring South Africa also closed its border for one month until mid-February to combat the spread of Covid-19.

Nearly three-quarter of Zimbabwe’s chrome ore production was used in the alloy processing industry in the first quarter because of higher profits, with the rest exported directly.

China imported 141,184t of chrome ore from Zimbabwe during January-March, up by 36.4pc from a year earlier, while its shipments of high-carbon alloy rose by 9.6pc to 27,632t. Deliveries of nickel ore climbed by 30.8pc to 12,079t.

Zimbabwe’s mining industry accounted for 80pc of its total exports in the first quarter.

Source: Argus Media

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