Strive Masiyiwa sets record straight: I’m Zimbabwean, I’m not British

Strive Masiyiwa

Chrispin Joseph Beer-Sheba writes:
“I’ve no where to put my compliments for the achievement you have made and being named the First Britain Black billionaire, the awards you been awarded and Most profoundly in your humanitarian works in Africa!!

In additional to that, your thoughts are creating a lot and lot of Africa’s future billionaires!!

My reply, Thank you Joseph. Just one correction; I’m not British, I’m Zimbabwean. The article simply said the first black billionaire to live in Britain. There are many billionaires on the list who are residents of the UK, but not British citizens.

To suggest that I’m British simply because on the list of a UK newspaper, is the same as I’m an American since I have long appeared on the list of Forbes Magazine.