Simbisa launches delivery facility

SIMBISA Brands has launched a mobile application dubbed Dial-a-Delivery (DaD), which boosts the efficient delivery of products to customers through centralised call centres.

Through DaD, consumers just place orders through the phone and meals are immediately dispatched.

All orders are mapped and tracked in the system through an automated process. Simbisa is a subsidiary of Innscor Africa Limited.

DaD provides delivery services for Chicken Inn, Pizza Inn, Nando’s, Steers and RocoMamas.

The service was started in 1995 in Harare and is being revamped under a new brand identity and operational focus. DaD marketing manager Tanya Thomas, told The Herald Business yesterday that the company strives to deliver food to their consumers in the comfort of their homes and offices.

Ms Thomas also said the launch of the mobile App was a way of embracing technology for the benefit of customers, and in line with the ease of doing business mantra being championed by Government.

“There is a lot of technology when it comes to a lot of things that are happening in the world. As Zimbabwe, we are adopting what is happening in the world in terms of technology,” said Ms Thomas.

“You would see that a lot of people have become techno savvy, so what we are doing as a company is to then say, we used to have a Dial-a-Delivery (facility) where people would call to the call centre.

“People are using their mobile phones; you would find that there is mobile banking and a lot of things happening through using mobile phones.”

She said customers willing to use the app can get it on Google Play Store when using an android phone or on iStore for those using iPhones.

Ms Thomas said the App allows consumers to choose the location where they want food to be delivered.

“It will give you a menu of our five different brands which are Nando’s, Steers, RocoMamas, Chicken Inn and Pizza Inn where you can order your food from.

“You then place your food order. It will then ask you how you want to make your payment that is through swipe, Ecocash or cash so that the delivery guy will know whether to bring a swipe machine or not.

“There is an option for those paying using Ecocash to pay before the delivery. The application is user friendly and once you have placed the order it takes not more than 45 minutes to be delivered,” said Ms Thomas.

The App has a tracker that keeps the customer updated on the whereabouts of the delivery guy. The delivery services are currently available in Harare and Bulawayo. Other places where Simbisa is represented will get the service in the near future.

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