Retailers launch consumer price index

THE Confederation of Zimbabwe Retailers (CZR) has launched a retail price index to assist consumers to shop wisely. In a statement yesterday, CZR said the facility would be available on the organisation’s official website.

It quickly explained that the facility was not meant to influence consumer decisions but inform them and save time lost through going around different supermarkets comparing prices. 

“Using this retail price index facility you will be able to compare prices across leading retail outlets from the comfort of your home! No need to drive or walk around in search of bargains. However, we would like to fairly promote retailers in Zimbabwe without any prejudice or favour,” said CZR.

“Therefore, our retail price index is not meant to influence your choice of outlet for your grocery shopping. Our task is to just keep you informed and save you precious time hopping from one shop to the other comparing prices.”

Consumers can bookmark the CZR website for quick reference before going out for shopping. Knowing exactly what one wants and how much it will cost in advance is a great way to avoid impulsive spending, said the organisation.

Yesterday, the Consumer Council of Zimbabwe revealed that the monthly food basket for a family of six increased by 0.49 percent to $591.98 in April due to the persistent cash shortages in the economy. During the period under review, the food basket increased by $3.70 or 2.63 percent from $140.50 by end of March 2018 to $144.20 by end of last month.