Petrol Queues Slowly Starting To Resurface In Some Parts Of Harare

This morning as we were cruising down King Gorge Avenue towards Avondale we saw a rather long petrol queue at Total Avondale.

Though I was not surprised by the queue because I was in a queue at Petrotrade Bulawayo road yesterday, I was shocked by the number of garages I had to visit in order to get petrol.

I had ignored Engen Lomagundi that had a small queue and both Total and Zuva Greencroft were empty. I went to Zuva Lorraine Drive where the queue was still small but I was impatient and decided to go to Trek Kirkman Road. My petrol level was dangerously low and I was beginning to panic especially when I was told there was no fuel.

I went to a service station close to N Richards in Tynwald/Westlea and they told me there was nothing on almost all garages along Byo Road. Stranded and confused a guy told me he saw a tanker at Petrol trade just a few meters from where I was and I went there to inquire if what they were decanting was petrol.

I was the first person in that queue and a few minutes later other cars started pouring in. 1 hour 45 minutes later when I left there were over 20 cars.

We hope the situation is diffused before we actually have to spend hours in a queue as we did a few weeks ago. We also hope the shortage is “artificial”.