Mugabe Never Believed Me When I Told Him His Ministers Were Looting Diamonds: Tendai Biti

Tendai Biti

Former Finance Minister and opposition politician Tendai Biti has said that former president Robert Mugabe never believed reports that his ministers were looting diamonds from the Chiadzwa diamond fields. Speaking at a rally in Murewa, Biti said,

Zanu PF politicians are now like the pigs that I rear in Murewa because of the high level of theft of the country’s resources that they are involved in.

When I was the minister of finance, I used to take reports from the Global Witness and Kimberly Process diamond certifiers to the then president Robert Mugabe on how diamonds were being looted by his ministers, but he did not believe me…

In the emails, my sources would tell me that one of the looters was Mpofu. At the end, $15 billion was looted and no one has been prosecuted to this day.

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