Mnangagwa’s advisor resigns?

United Refineries MD Busisa Moyo
Member of President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s Presidential Advisory Council Busisa Moyo has posted a Twitter message that has generated speculation that he is throwing in the towel and resigning from the embattled PAC.

Moyo who has been a sober voice in defending the current government said:

Zvaramba ma Comrades.

Kwalile zihlobo! Okay. I was wrong, yes perhaps naive. Sometimes you want something to be true & you believe it before it happens (faith)…you give it your best & believe the next man is largely doing the same. I thought you should know!

The post made Professor Jonathan Moyo to probe what Busisa meant about the post.

“Busisa many of us in these streets respect you and your views, even as we have disagreed with you over your engagements with and support for some regime initiatives.” Prof Moyo said. “

Please indulge us and unpack your message. Kuyini okwalileyo mhlobo wami? Chii charamba nhai comrade? Please!”

Busisa was yet to explain further what he meant.

Source – Byo24News