Mass transport sector under spotlight

Zimbabwe’s plan to revive a full scale mass transport industry is on course, with recapitalisation of ZUPCO being considered key to improving reliability and efficiency.

A local study notes that revival of the mass transport sector which has seen government through ZUPCO taking a leading role is in line with vision 2030 of transforming the nation into an upper middle income economy.

However, the study notes relevant mobilisation of capital will set the tone for mass transport sector success in Zimbabwe.

Joel Chaeruka, a Rural and Urban Planning lecturer at the University of Zimbabwe, speaks on the importance of the mass transport sector.

“The process, while noble, is coming at a time when government is also seized with other crucial programmes, but let me hasten to say that it is through commendable efforts to revive ZUPCO that success will be achieved,” he said.

The public transporter has, however, pledged efficiency and reliability.

“There are some challenges like any operator but we are of the view that we will work as a team to identify the obstacles and forge ahead with certain reforms to pursue our agenda,” said ZUPCO Regional Operations manager, Tito Chirau.

The study also recommends Zimbabwe to also learn from other economies on how they succeeded on mass transport systems. – ZBC