The Auditor General, Mrs Mildred Chiri is expecting implementation of recommendations in the just released audit to restore efficiency, viability and business confidence.

The Auditor General report exposed bad governance in some ministries, government departments, local authorities, state enterprises and parastatals.

The audit report for the year ending December 31 2018 also highlighted several issues such as corruption, misappropriation of funds, theft and abuse of power.

However, Auditor General Mrs Mildred Chiri says the critical issue is the need for compliance to the recommendations.

“We now expect the implementation of the stipulated recommendations for the relevant stakeholders with a view to boost efficiency this is coming at a time when we are yearning for good corporate governance systems,” she said.

Implementation of recommendations from the findings of the report will also enable the public sector to be fully accountable to the country’s tax payers.

“It is all about accountability because if there is no accountability then the nation risks from losing the much needed funds coming from the taxpayers across the country,” she said.

The second republic which is currently on a mission to reform state owned enterprises, has also promised policies to stamp out irregularities in the management of public entities.