Harare city desperate to make money

Harare City Council is reportedly desperate for money yet it is accused of caring less for the ratepayers.

Harare Residents Association in a statement said the City of Harare is too desperate to make money from people, but they care very little about providing services to the ratepayers.

“With this sample ticket, they intend to find business operators and shop owners for all the litter in front of their shops and businesses. The City of Harare does not learn real citizens’ engagement. They just impose and impose, without thinking of the damage to their brand,” the association said.

“It is like the Council is working from outside Harare. The first step is to conduct massive consultations on ways to address waste management. Before thinking of fining people, the Council should be exemplary and start providing refuse collection services as charged on ratepayers bills.”

The association said they cannot just dream of penalties without ever thinking of how to address genuine concerns faced by ratepayers.

“Only a clueless council leadership does this. Their goal is money making, and never service provision,” the association said.

Source – Byo24