Delta Corporation Warns Of Imminent Shortage Of Coke Due To Lack Of Forex

Beverages manufacturer, Delta Corporation has warned that Zimbabwe may soon face a shortage of popular fizzy drink Coke. Delta said that this was due to an acute shortage of foreign currency which has hindered the company’s efforts to source raw materials from outside the country.

Alex Makamure, Delta’s company secretary told the Zimbabwe Independent,

We note that we had some challenges in supplying the market with canned product (Coke) from late January into February 2018 when the canning line was undergoing some repairs. There would be shortages of some brands in that package at the moment.

Other than that, we are supplying the full range of brands in polyethene terephthalate (PET) and returnable glass. We, however, anticipate some challenge in supplying product in the coming weeks as we have encountered constraints in accessing foreign currency to cover imported raw materials.

…We have accumulated a backlog in paying foreign suppliers…This gives rise to a supply and demand mismatch of brands and pack.

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