Congestion makes maze of Harare’s CBD

Traffic jam along Sam Nujoma Street in Harare yesterday as motorists try to beat the 6.30pm curfew

Congestion has become a daily nightmare in Harare during the past few days owing to increased human and road traffic as the festive season approaches.

The past few days have painted an odd picture of Harare’s the central business district where roads are heavily congested during and outside peak hours.

Commuters and pedestrians attribute the circumstances to irresponsible driving practices by their mates.

“The situation has been bad for the past few days, when we get light drizzles congestion increases,” a motorist commented.

Another noted: “Some errant drivers are using the one way incorrectly and going into spaces that shouldn’t be causing these things. We are glad that at some points police are intervening.”

A pedestrian said: “I feel there are lots of people making their way to town to buy different staff some from other places. We are glad the police are trying to ease the challenge on intersections controlling traffic.”

Residents representative believe government’s devolution thrust is the long-term solution.

“What we noticed is that rains or not this does happen but due to those who come from other provinces to do business here we end up being flooded so I think the devolution and decentralisation drive is the way to go, we are grateful that police are doing it is part in easing unruly operators otherwise the situation could have been worse,” said Shepherd Chikomba, the National chairperson of the Zimbabwe National Organisation of Associations and Residents Trust.

Government is on an expansive road rehabilitation programme, which entails widening some roads, expanding and reconstructing some traffic circles and flyovers to improve flow of traffic. – ZBC

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