Business competitiveness under spotlight

City of Harare

THE Government is seeking stakeholder input on measures to solve challenges affecting the competitiveness of the business operating environment to attract more local and external projects.

Under the National Development Strategy One, Zimbabwe is focusing on a private sector-led economy hinged on competitiveness within different sectors.

Findings by the National Competitiveness Commission (NCC) reveal the need to restore confidence in productive sectors to improve the country’s competitiveness rankings in Africa.

“It is an issue that is of greater concern to us remember for the past five years we have not been doing well to such an extent that it is within such context that measures to address competitiveness become of greater importance to the nation, in line with policies being put in place by the second republic to restore confidence,” said Colator Maoko, Chief Economist at the National Competitive Commission.

With consultations having started, the NCC’s focus is on gathering as much input as possible towards the restoration of the country’s competitiveness against other nations.

“Zimbabwe needs practical policies that can unlock value in the economy to sustain the economy and we need such consultations so that by the end of the day we can adjust to the demands of the global economy and face the reality that is in terms of what we need to do, identify key areas and find possible solutions,” said Brighton Shayanewako, the Director, National Competitive Commission.

Under the NDS 1, competitiveness is considered critical in restoring industrial confidence, attracting fresh projects, facilitating growth in exports, and creating employment and overall economic growth. – ZBC

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