Bus manufacturing project to create 10 000 jobs

The bus assembling project which is set to start later this year is set to create more than 10 000 jobs.

In an interview Amalgamated Bus Industries, Quest Motors Manufacturing and AVM Africa, finance director for Amalgamated Bus Industries Mr Kura Sibanda said the industry currently employs 21 000 people and the bus assembly project will create an additional 10 000 jobs.

“Coming on board to work with assemblers means there is a market already because we are the purchasers of the buses at the end of the day,” he said.

“This stops the outflow of foreign currency. For instance, importing a complete bus costs an average of US$120 000 per 65-seater bus. If we import the kits, we will only spend US$45 000 per bus.

“We are also looking at creating 10 000 jobs. The industry currently employs 21 000 people and the number will double next year. We already exported jobs to China and Europe by importing buses,” said Mr Sibanda.

Mr Sibanda the buses will be designed according to the safety, carrying capacity and the terrain of the country.

The chairman of the Amalgamated Bus Industries Mr Samson Nanhanga said the bus manufacturing project will transform Zimbabwe’s economy.

“This initiative will transform not only the transport industry. If we manage to resuscitate these manufacturing industries, it is a plus to the Zimbabwean economy.

“We totally think this will transform Zimbabwe. It is a plus to each and every sector,” Mr Nanhanga said.

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