Announcement – The Zimbabwe Mail Change of Ownership

Brighton Musonza

The Zimbabwe Mail management would like to announce a change in ownership of this website platform. Since 01 May, the platform is now owned by a consortium of Zimbabwean journalists whose names will be revealed on full completion of the transfer.

The Zimbabwe Mail was founded in 2012 by Mr. Brighton Musonza as a news aggregator. At the time, Mr. Musonza had left The Zimbabwe Times, another platform he founded with the veteran journalist Geoffrey Nyarota and Dr. Conrad Nyamutata.

The platform (The Zimbabwe Mail) has built its own strong presence in the online Zimbabwean news market and developed a strong brand with its loyal readership.

The Zimbabwe Mail is now under the control of the new management and we thank Mr. Musonza for allowing us to take this platform in another direction.

Also, we would like to advise our readers that we look forward to taking them on board in this exciting new journey, and without them, we would not have made this decision.

We will be making staff changes and appointments, and announcements will be made as and when we fully restructure the business model.

We look forward to a smooth transition with minimum disruption to the business.

Kennedy Makwarimba (Interim Managing Director)

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