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About Masholand Holdings

Gibson Mapfidza
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HARARE – Mashonaland Holdings Limited was founded in 1966 and it became the first property investment company to list on the Zimbabwe Stock Exchange in 1969.

The company’s core business involves delivery and investment management of quality commercial, industrial, retail, specialised and residential properties with a strong emphasis on ensuring premises functionality to our tenants whilst sustaining and maintaining a firm asset base for our clients and shareholders.

The company’s growing property portfolio includes prime commercial, industrial, retail and residential properties spread across the country.

Mashonaland Holdings offers renowned real estate services through the three functional units; Property Research and Development, Property Management, and Facilities Management.

With over 15 years of professional working experience in the built environment industry, Gibson Mapfidza is a Chartered Surveyor is the Managing Director of Mashonaland Holdings Limited.

In 1966 the Mashonaland and Provincial Trust Company (Pvt) Ltd and Mashonaland Real Estate (Pvt) Ltd formed the original structure of Mashonaland Holdings Limited.

Other early acquisitions included complementary construction and development companies, including the brickfields west of Harare now operated by Willdale Limited.

Much of the Greystone Park Flat and Housing Development was undertaken during this time by Mash.

The Company became the first property company to be listed on the Zimbabwe Stock Exchange in 1969.