A New, Female MD For Nestle Zimbabwe

NESTLÉ Zimbabwe has appointed Eunice Ganyawu-Magwali

Nestle Zimbabwe has reportedly replaced its outgoing MD Ben Ndiaye with a new female MD Eunice Ganyau Magwali, the Daily News reports.

Ganyau Mangwali according to the publication has vast experience in the Fast Moving Consumer Goods sector and she will oversee operations in Zimbabwe, Malawi and Zambia.

A statement released by Nestel on the appointment of Ganyau-Magwali said:

Nestlé believes that Eunice’s vast experience in the dairy, beverage and cereals industry, her passion and results driven approach, will be invaluable in driving the business forward in Zimbabwe. This appointment reaffirms Nestlé’s commitment to gender parity in the workplace.

Nestlé is committed to ensuring that the proportion of women in senior executive positions globally will increase to 30 percent by 2022. Eunice’s appointment is not only a clear demonstration of Nestlé’s leadership towards this agenda, but also to the development of local talent in all areas of our operations.

Nestle has been operating in Zimbabwe since 1959.

More: The Daily News 


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