Rev Chivaviro’s wife pens 2nd book

Revrend Chivaviro

GOSPEL singer and wife to renowned musician Reverend Tapera Togarepi Chivaviro, Juliet Chivaviro, has penned her second book titled Perseverance which encourages people to persevere in any situation that they encounter in life.

Popularly known as Mother General, Juliet’s first book, ‘Unlimited Grace that will change your Situation’, did well on the market as more than 500 copies were sold.

This second book was penned to inspire people from all walks of life to remain resolute and unshaken in any difficult situation that they could face in life.“As a pastor and musician, I have met a number of people who have bright ideas and a clear cut vision but give up if they are faced with a difficult situation and as a result, their dreams have died too.

“Such people inspired me to offer some motivation through writing,” Mother General said.

The book will motivate as well change the mindset of the reader to believe that with God, nothing is impossible.“In any kind of situation, people have to ask for God’s intervention and when they do so, they’ll overcome any problem they could be facing because with God, nothing’s impossible,” she said.

Mother General said the book also encourages one to rise up after a failure or series of failures.“When one fails, he or she has to try again until they succeed in whatever they’ll be doing. I have learnt that people who have achieved something meaningful in life failed several times and never let words of discouragement be a limitation.

“No matter how many times people poke fun at your failure or downfall, one has to shrug off that negative talk and keep fighting until they achieve their goal.”

The book is available at all Assemblies of Pentecostal Methodist in Zimbabwe, South Africa and Botswana branches and is being sold for $10/R100.

“My first book did well as I managed to sell more than 500 copies and I’m hopeful that this one will sell more.”