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Witch-hunters divide village

The village herd Thomas Mhlanga
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CHAOS has rocked Mbonqani Village in Bulilima as villagers are divided over witch-hunters with some dismissing them as robbers who stripped them of their livestock after “planting” goblins at their homesteads and latter accusing them of being owners.

Two villagers who were forced to pay by the witch-hunters also known as wafa-wafas found themselves in trouble following their sentiments that these men are fake and  planted the goblins at their homesteads.

Most villagers have dismissed their revelations as the majority seems to believe the works of the wafa-wafas who they want to continue staying in the village hunting for goblins and helping people.

Some villagers defending the wafa-wafas said: “The few people who are claiming that the wafa-wafas are fake should be the one moving out of the village because the majority is happy with their works.

“Maybe they are bitter that their goblins were captured and killed,” said Dumisani Dube.

One of the bitter villagers revealed that she had approached the four men being led by Bishop Khumalo seeking help as she had eye problems.

They reportedly told her that there were goblins and that was the reason she had sore eyes, but she immediately left not believing their prophecy.

“I had eye problems and since I had heard that there were wafa-wafas in the village I went to seek help. They told me I had a demon and there was a goblin affecting my eyesight which made me realise they were fake and I returned home.

“On the following day at around 9pm, they came to my house and instructed me to open all doors claiming they wanted to remove goblins.

They then started searching the storeroom and proceeded to other bedrooms. When they got to my bedroom I saw one of them removing something from the satchel and placing it on blankets which were on the floor. The other one later picked it up and it looked like a monkey’s head saying it was my goblin, but I told them I knew nothing about it,” said the bitter granny Sophie Gumbo.

For their services, they demanded six head of cattle, but she told them that she only had one which they took and sold for $400 to one of her neighbours.

Another villager Solomon Moyo (82) also revealed that the wafa-wafas came to his homestead and removed roofing to one of the bedroom huts saying they were searching for a goblin.

They later produced a horn and a clay pot which they claimed was his goblin, but he dismissed all that as fake.

The village herd Thomas Mhlanga said what was happening in the village was nothing much, but a few individuals on a mission to cause confusion.

“These prophets used to be at another village and some villagers consulted them and they said they cannot help them when they are far but have to move to the village.

“We had a meeting and villagers agreed, I then reported the matter to Chief Deli. However, there are some people complaining and telling lies, but they are the ones who approached the Bishop for help,” said Mhlanga.