Tikoloshe takes over family’s house

THE FAMILY couldn’t explain the disappearance of their granddaughter’s school books.

But that was only the beginning of a life of hell for the Rahlogo family.

They did not know that a tikoloshe was taking over their house!

Madala Richard Rahlogo (72) said it has been a month of hell since the tikoloshe arrived at their house in Mamelodi East, Tshwane.

“My granddaughter needed her books to do her homework and we all searched everywhere without any luck,” he said.

He said the tikoloshe overturned the chair he was sitting on and he fell to the floor.

Then the unseen creature started ripping down the curtains.

“We ran outside into the street in terror,” he said.“Then we realised that whatever was vandalising our house was responsible for stealing the books as well.”

Since then, the creature tears down curtains, spills food and sprinkles soap powder on beds.

He said they called a sangoma to come and help them but she ran away. “The sangoma was beaten. She ran for her life, leaving some of her stuff behind.”

He said they were advised to ask prophets for help since the sangoma could not help. “The prophet came with water but as soon as he put it down the tikoloshe took over.

“It sprinkled us with that water and threw the Bible outside.”

“Maybe Sun readers can help us. I’m a pensioner and I’ve spent all my money on sangomas and prophets.”

Prophet Makgonatjohle Seaparo said the family needs to be cleansed.

He said the tikoloshe wants to use their house as its den. — Daily Sun

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