Snake in pastor’s car causes stir

VENDORS and passersby in Bulawayo’s city center scurried for cover after a 60cm long snake slithered from a car’s boot.

The car is rumoured to be belonging to a pastor from one of the country’s leading Pentecostal churches.

It is said the pastor ran for dear life after a newspaper vendor alerted him about the snake slithering from his boot.

The noise of those who were running away attracted the attention of many and a courageous few moved closer to the car to check on what was happening.

Fortunately, the owner of the car had ran away leaving keys in, so one man moved the car so the snake could be left in the open.

“As vendors, we are used to calling the man pastor, but I do not really know which branch he leads (name of Pentecostal church with-held).

“He was talking to this other passerby when he opened the boot looking aside and one person saw the snake and shouted alerting him.

“Without wasting time, the pastor and other people who were nearby ran away,” said one vendor only identified as Rasta.

He revealed that a number of men then moved closer and upon realising that it was not a scary snake, one of them drove the car a few metres away so they could kill it.

“It is funny that those men had a torrid time trying to kill the snake. First they tried hitting it with a metal rod and then one put a mat and started jumping on it, but still failed.

“They then started hitting its head until it died. Surprisingly, the owner of the car never returned or he got embarrassed as people were shouting, “Pastor, Pastor come and take your snake and car.”

“After an hour or so, there is a man who came and collected the car claiming he had been sent by the pastor,” said the source.

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