Satanist sacrifices two from own family. . . More family members on hit-list

Tawanda Nkhoma

A family from Kensington on the outskirts of Bulawayo sleeps with eyes open because their son, an alleged Satanist, confessed to sacrificing two family members for blood and had more victims in mind.

Tawanda Nkhoma (24) confessed to his mother Miriam Nkhoma that he was instructed to do so by his leader (not named).

As if that was not enough, he released a book with names of family members on the hit-list.

“Tawanda showed us a book with names of people to be sacrificed and my name was top of the list,” said Miriam.

In a bid to exorcise her son from satanism, she engaged in prayer but her efforts were fruitless. Instead, Tawanda became deaf.

Left with no option Miriam was advised to visit a Johane Wechishanu Apostolic Sect in Bulawayo.

Prophet Madzibaba Mutumwa solved the situation and now Tawanda is a free man.

“I had no choice but to follow strict instructions because failure to that I was going to face death,” Tawanda told B-Metro.

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