Naked woman at funeral

A VIDEO of a naked woman being shared on social media has left people shocked.

The woman appears after the coffin is loaded onto the lowering device.

It has not yet been established where the funeral was held, but this has not stopped people across the country from sharing the video.

It shows the naked woman going from one side of the grave to the other, seemingly demanding payment of a debt by the deceased. Men can be heard cheering and clapping.

A man dressed in white pulls the woman towards him and pushes his body against her bum. The other men start shouting “Wazi!” – seemingly the woman’s name.

She then goes to sit with her legs open on the coffin and continues speaking while banging the lid.

Phumla Mhlungu wrote on Facebook: “Those men are just happy to see a ***. It’s sad to see a woman behaving this way. She needs Jesus.” — Online