Naked wizard in ‘emergency’ landing


A suspected night-time mission backfired for a wizard from Bhazha Village, in Matobo District, when he lost powers in the dead of the night and landed at a certain homestead.

The naked man, who claimed to have been in the company of his partners in witchcraft, revealed they were flying to a certain place when he suddenly became weak and fell on the ground.

“It was around 12 midnight when dogs started barking viciously. We then heard sound of something falling and assumed maybe it was one of the tractor tyres.

“The herd boy went outside to check on what was happening and we were shocked to hear him screaming. Armed with knobkerries we rushed out carrying torches, only to find the naked boy seated.

“He was smeared with white powder and had black marks all over the body,” said the owner of the homestead who spoke on condition of anonymity.

They then called neighbours to come and witness what was happening.

A bonfire was made by villagers and they spent the night watching over the wizard, making sure he did not get a chance to run away.

“While seated around the fire, he kept on looking into the sky saying his friends will come and rescue him, but they never did until morning light.

“The man was evasive with information and only revealed his home place and that they were on a mission to do a certain ritual somewhere,” she said.

On the following day, he was taken to a police base in Matopos.

Villagers are still in shock as they have never witnessed such an incident in their lives where a wizard is caught red-handed.

Efforts to get a comment from Matabeleland South police spokesperson were fruitless.

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