Man confesses he flies at night

Adamson Moyo

CALL me Superman or Clark Kent if you like!

A man from Bulawayo’s Emganwini suburb told B- Metro that he can fly at night to anywhere in the world just to do his wizardry duties.

Adamson Moyo’s claim came after he was found stark naked at 4am by early rising residents. He was seen near the railway line having sustained injuries and looking disoriented leading to speculation that he had a crash landing.

He confirmed the residents suspicions to B -Metro.

“I fly to wherever my clients need me to go to fulfil my duties. In our work we execute our duties in different ways,” he said with an element of bragging.

About the controversial morning, Moyo said he had come head- to- head with a villain just like in action movies.

“On that particular day I cannot recall much but it was a tough battle. It was not easy at all to defeat who I was fighting against,” he said.

Moyo claims to have come back to reality when he was being given a jacket to cover himself by a passerby.

“I recall when I was being given a jacket to cover my nudity,” he added.

A resident that spoke to B-Metro said Moyo was a known medicine man in the area, but happenings of that morning shook them.

“I was frightened since the first thing that came to mind was his state of nudity and time of the day, which is associated with witchcraft. He’s a known traditional healer and stories like this have always cropped up as gossip around him. When I saw it first hand it sent chills down my spine,” said Themba Ncube.

Ncube is the one who gave Moyo a jacket and escorted him home. When they got there they found his clothes neatly laid on his bed.

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