Goat steals woman’s fertility

Prophet Pasila

SHE had been in a childless marriage for 15 years and the only celebrations she knew was when her inherited goat gave birth.

The goat, which she was given by her maternal grandmother, always gave birth to twins and little did she know that her fertility was “transferred” to the goat.

Daina Mahuni revealed that she had never known happiness in her marriage as she failed to have children with her husband.

She sought for help from different doctors, traditional healers and prophets, but still she remained childless.

“I had accepted my life’s fate and had discussed the issue with my husband where we then agreed to concentrate on our businesses.

“I found joy in the flock of goats I had and never suspected that my barrenness was linked to these goats which I had inherited from my grandmother.

“When my grandmother passed away, she had indicated which goat I should be given and the family followed her instructions.

“The goat was really a blessing as it always gave birth to twins and after a few years I had about 16 goats,” she said.

Mahuni revealed that she was still in shock of what transpired in her life after consulting a certain Bulawayo prophet who then asked to go with them to their rural home.

“When we went to this prophet, she said my problem was not a big one, but for me to have children I should make a sacrifice and allow them to kill all my goats.

“It came out that my grandmother had bewitched me not to have children, but the inherited goat to have lots of kids at my expense.

“It turned out it was true, because after all the goats had been killed and burnt, a few months later I had my first pregnancy,” said the teary Mahuni.

She revealed that she was expecting her first born child in a few weeks.

Mahuni’s husband Asper also confirmed the matter.

“I had accepted that my wife had fertility problems, but a miracle happened after we travelled to our rural home in Masvingo to have all the goats killed and burnt.”

According to The Disciples Of Jesus Christ International Ministries’ Bishop Pasila, many people said to be barren, were not but just being affected by evil spirits.

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