Giant snake crawls into car

A GIANT snake was found in the bonnet of a VW Jetta in Parktown, Joburg on Wednesday.

A person only known as Zama tweeted a picture of the snake being removed from the car.Zama Wrote: “This is what came out of my bonnet just after I parked my car in Parktown this morning.”

MajorLeagueDJZ also tweeted a video of the same snake being removed from the car’s bonnet. MajorLeagueDJZ tweeted: “They found this snake in my cousin friend’s car this morning at BP offices in Parktown. Can’t believe this. Good Lord”.

In the video, snake handlers are seen removing the giant snake, believed to be a python, from the car’s bonnet.

It is not clear when and how the snake found its way into the bonnet.-Online

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