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Double blow for baboon-in-bedroom victim

Precious Mbweya and Violet Khumalo
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It was a double blow for the maid who was beaten by a baboon last week in Lobengula Extension in Bulawayo as she also lost a $60 cellular phone in the pandemonium during her rescue.

Precious Mbweya narrated her nasty encounter with the baboon.

“I was cleaning and I got shocked when a baboon stormed into the kitchen and picked the broom and hit me with it on the face. I was saved from further assault by people who were pursuing it. They broke the window and I escaped through the opening,” said Mbweya.

Mbweya went on to say her brand new Samsung went missing as she was being saved by the crowd.

“I lost a brand new Samsung smartphone which I had bought for $60,”said Mbweya.

Violet Khumalo said: “We were just relaxing and unexpectedly we heard noise of people who were chasing the baboon and when we were trying to understand what was happening hordes of youths invaded our yard in pursuit of the baboon,” she narrated.

She added: “The baboon stormed into the kitchen and picked a broom and hit Precious who was cleaning in the kitchen. It then ran into one of the bedrooms and hid behind the wardrobe. It relieved itself on the bed and floor.”

Khumalo said she called the Zimbabwe Parks and Wildlife Management Authority at around 10am to remove the baboon but they took almost two hours to turn up.

It is understood that after tranquilising the animal it was taken to Chipangali Wildlife Orphanage, just outside Bulawayo.  It was the second incident in about a fortnight of a baboon being sighted in the city.