Deadly umuthi wipes out family. . . business woman confesses after losing everything

A FALLEN businesswoman is living in fear after umuthi she got from Chipinge to lure customers allegedly backfired leading to the mysterious deaths of her seven children and husband.

As if that was not enough, her two businesses — a grocery shop in Mberengwa and a butchery in Gwanda — collapsed.

Joyce Moyo (49) is based in Bulawayo but is originally from the Jena area of Chivi.

Moyo made the startling confession before congregants and Prophet Emmanuel Gwandida better known as Prophet Madzibaba Mutumwa at a Johane Masowe Wechishanu Church service in Selbourne Park last Sunday.

The troubled Moyo said she got the umuthi from an inyanga in Chipinge after customers had deserted her business.

A minute-long video clip recorded by a congregant shows Moyo sharing her testimony.

She surrendered a bottle full of blood and a horn wrapped in a red cloth.

“After customers were no longer coming to both our businesses my late husband Ofyas Sibanda and I got umuthi from a sangoma to lure customers,” she added.

In her confession she said after they got umuthi customers trickled to their business.

But things turned nasty in June 2013 when her husband died mysteriously.  While Moyo was still trying to come to terms with the death of her husband, in November the same year three of her children died mysteriously.

“While we were still shocked about what had claimed my husband three of my children in 2015 died in a mine at Esigodini,” said the emotionally drained Moyo.

Four of her children died in a car accident on Christmas Eve in 2016 while they were on their way to Chivi.

Their grocery business in Mberengwa became a den of lions as customers shunned it and the butchery followed too.

The situation left Moyo bemused, as a result she sought help from sangomas but the umuthi continued tormenting her. It now turned her into a sex object.

“I had a big body but after a strange spirit like man started having sex with me in 2015 I began to bleed continuously and I was directed to prophet Mutumwa. After he prayed for me I stopped bleeding and that spirit has stopped having sex with me.  I have since started working on my business and I’m hopeful it will improve,” she said.

Moyo said her only surviving son sleeps with one eye open like a crocodile.

“The sangoma told us that my son will die in his sleep and as such he had been living in fear. But now he is hopeful he will not die since the prophet cast away the death spirit,” she said.

B-Metro tracked her down and she confirmed the authenticity of the video. – B-Metro