Charm money turns into problem snake

A BINGA man who was troubled by a snake with supernatural powers that he got from an inyanga heaved a sigh of relief when it was killed by a local prophet.

Zaman Mwembe (35) and his wife Cationer Ncube (26) from Mucheso Ward in Binga have been leading a poor life. In a bid to escape poverty Mwembe approached an inyanga from Malawi.

The inyanga gave him muthi in the form of leaves and told him to put the leaves in a suitcase and they would turn into money.

As expected the leaves changed into money. But Mwembe never knew that the worst was yet to come.

Mwembe narrated his dire situation in the presence of prophet Madzibaba Mutumwa and local leadership that included village head Champion Mwembe, Falls Mungombe, Million Mundende and Chief Sikalenge.

“I went to Malawi last year to get a lucky charm so that I make a lot of money because I was leading a poor life and failed to even fend for my family, let alone send my children to school and I was one of the poorest in the community,” he said.

He went on to let out the dreadful family secret.

“The inyanga gave me muthi in the form of leaves and told me they (leaves) would change into money and indeed they changed into money and the initial amount was USD$6 000. Then I thought my life and the rest of the family has changed for the better but later on it turned for the worst,” said the dejected Mwembe.

Mwembe said after four days the money changed into a snake, following that he endured nightmarish nights.

“The snake would lick me and that has been going on for three months,” he said.  He said his two children have been seriously ill and was told by a traditional healer it was all due to the muthi.

“The traditional healer failed to get rid of the muthi snake.”

As a result he approached village heads and Chief Sikalenge who then invited prophet Madzibaba Mutumwa to kill the mysterious snake.

“I would like to thank the local leadership and Mwembe family for inviting me because the snake was going to kill their children  and later on kill them by sucking their blood. Above I want to thank God because I have managed to kill the snake,” Madzibaba Mutumwa said.