Bogus tsikamutandas terrorise Gutu villagers

GUTU – About 20 dubious traditional healers popularly known as ‘tsikamutandas’ have unleashed a reign of terror in Eastdale Vitcoms Village under Chief Gutu where hapless villagers have lost tens of cattle, goats and money in so called rituals.
Villagers are coerced into paying through their beasts after they are either found to possess witchcraft kits or they have been bewitched and they need to be freed of these evil spirits.
Sources told The Mirror that the tricksters first research on the victims’ personal details before they pounce on their prey.
“The person whose homestead is cleansed is then asked to pay for the services, usually in the form of livestock and money,” said Manuel Mmetche an ex-police officer whose community is affected by the tsikamutandas.
Zimbabwe National Traditional Healers’ Association (ZINATHA) regional chairperson Dohwai Prosper Mhofu denounced the Tsikamutandas and distanced his organization from their behavior whereupon he called for their arrest.
“We say no to tsikamutandas. We are not aware of them, we want to know who gave them the authority and we need to know who they are. They are tarnishing our image and they are bogus,
“This is witch hunting which is unlawful. For one to conduct witch finding, they should follow the correct protocol of going through the village head, to the Chief then the Association and get registered with a letter certifying that they are approved as tsikamutandas,” said Mhofu.