Zimbabwe dollar eases by 9 cents, more than 200 bids disqualified

HARARE – The Zimbabwe dollar eased by 9 cents today to average $86.3010 down from $86.2131 last week as the currency auction allotted US$41.5 million to 1 098 bids but more than 200 other bids were disqualified.

Offers ranged from $85 to $92. All 714 bids from the small and medium enterprises sector were met in full while 384 bids in the main sector were allotted US$33.5 million instead of the US$35.8 million that they applied for.

The auction is now in its 15th month and has so far allotted US$2.04 billion.

Zimbabwe is now paying a third of its imports from the auction.

More than 5 000 companies and businesses had benefitted from the auction up to the end of August.

Here is the list of the 1 728 companies that have so far benefitted.